Customer Advisory: Upcoming Labor Disruptions at Australian Terminals

Oct 3, 2023 | LinkedIn


Upcoming Labor Disruptions at Australian Terminals

At Midwest Transatlantic Lines, Inc., we prioritize keeping our valued partners well-informed about any events that could affect their logistics and shipping operations. The upcoming industrial action at DP World terminals in Australia between October 6th to October 20th, 2023, is one such significant event. Below, we provide a detailed breakdown of the actions planned at various terminals, the potential impact on shipping schedules, and our ongoing efforts to mitigate any disruptions to your shipments.


Terminal Disruptions Summary

The table below outlines the labor disruptions scheduled at DP World terminals across Australia. These disruptions range from operational bans to work stoppages of varying lengths, all of which could potentially affect the transit of your cargo through these ports. 

DP World Terminal Effective Date Actions Duration
Sydney Saturday, Oct 7th Various operational bans (overtime, shift extension, etc.) Until Friday, Oct 13th
Melbourne Sunday, Oct 8th Work stoppages (1 to 24 hours), various bans on operations such as overtime, shift extensions, and work on certain ships Until Friday, Oct 20th
Fremantle Friday, Oct 6th Work stoppages of varying lengths, bans including overtime, work on certain ships, among others, starting at 0600 Ongoing from effective date
Brisbane Saturday, Oct 7th Several bans on operations such as overtime and shift extensions Until Friday, Oct 13th

Potential Impact

The industrial action at DP World terminals is likely to lead to:

  • Delays in container handling and shipping schedules.
  • Temporary congestion at affected ports.
  • Potential rescheduling or rerouting of shipments.


CTAA Media Release Summary

The Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) has released a comprehensive media statement regarding the industrial action. Key points include:

  • The Maritime Union of Australia’s notice of industrial action at DP World terminals.
  • A detailed log of operational bans and work stoppages.
  • Statements from DP World and union representatives on the ongoing negotiations.


For the full media release, click here

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